Voice-over translator
The best way to extend the viewing time, increase the coverage and involvement of the audience on YouTube is to release videos of videos of duplicated and voiced in different languages
Use the translation management tool - neural machine translation (NMT) and technology of speech synthesis (TTS)
Much cheaper and faster
Translation and voice acting of videos YouTube, Twitc or audio files from English, Spanish, French, German into Russian.
English - (NMT) + (TTS) + VIDEO
El español - (NMT) + (TTS) + VIDEO
Français - (NMT) + (TTS) + VIDEO

Deutsch - (NMT) + (TTS) + VIDEO
See how your video will be translated and voiced. Just download the link to the video from YouTube and specify WhatsApp, where will we send a video dubbed in a voice behind the scenes
An example of the translation of synchronization and voice:
Why is the Russian -speaking audience?
258 million Russian -speaking people, YouTube covers about 82%
2nd place in 2021
The Russian language in popularity in YouTube takes 2nd place.
YouTube statistics
Content on the Russian -speaking YouTube prompts people to perform actions - for example, 38% of users, after viewing video rejects, study detailed information about products on the Internet, 28% go to the brand website, and 16% make a purchase.
Small competition
The Russian -speaking YouTube is 65% filled with low -grade rollers. It is easy to gain popularity among the audience with qualitative content.
Our service will translate and voice your video from English, Spanish, German, French into Russian
Ordering procedure:
Download the video or audio file into the YouTube video hosting video hosting (open access by link or total access).
Choosing a service
The cost of work depends on the time of the source video or audio file. Click "Order" - the order form will open.
Order form
Indicate the link to the file that needs to be translated and voiced. Select the required parameters. Indicate your WhatsApp for communication.
Processed file
The file will be uploaded to the Google DISC. The link to the finished work will be sent no later than 24 hours from the date of payment in WhatsApp.
I use our services for the first time, then payment is made after receiving a demo version of the processed file.
Service list
1500 words of the video up to 10 minutes
4500 words of the roller up to 30 minutes
9000 words of the video up to 60 minutes
Constant cooperation
Neuron machine translation (NMT) from one of the languages: English, Spanish, French, German into Russian
Unlimited number of words
Speech synthesis (TTS) Russian language
Sinronization with video
The deadline for execution of the order
The maximum term for execution of the order is up to 24 hours, depending on the load of our server. The finished audio or video file will be sent to you by e-mail indicated when placing an order.
WhatsApp for quick communication
It is necessary to indicate your WhatsApp in the order. We value each order, and in the case of an unforeseen situation we will quickly contact you. You can also always write, call us on WhatsApp, ask you the question that interests you.
Requirement for the source file of the customer
The file (audio or video) should be uploaded to Google disk in format: MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, FLV, 3GPP. Do not forget to open access. The link to the source file must be specified in the form of the order. We can also download the file from the link to the open video in the video hosting of Twitc, YouTube.

Contractor's finished file format
Format, resolution, screen size, frame frequency, bitrad, audio channels in the finished file will be identical to the customer's source file. If you need to change anything, write to us in the note to the order.
Synchronization of speech synthesis with video
Synchronization of speech synthesis is superimposed on video automatically. If you need a separate audio track (an audio file of translation with speech synthesis) - inform us.
Conditional contractions
NMT - neural machine translation
TTS - speech synthesis
Effect - duplicated source audio road 45% volume + TTS
See how your video will be translated and voiced. Just download the link to the video from YouTube and specify WhatsApp, where will we send a video dubbed in a voice behind the scenes
With pleasure, on time I will fulfill a salary and voice for you. I will consider various options for cooperation. WhatsApp +310627477313

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